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I would be truly happy if someone does a mod like this. Название папки ДОЛЖНО быть только на латинице, например- merged. Dragon Age: Inquisition - мод для романа с Блэкволлом.

Содержит сундуки стартового и эксклюзивного изданий. Скопировать содержимое папки "Crack" в папку с установленной игрой, заменить. Игра обновлена до последней версии на 06. (patch 10) и включает все DLC.

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Whew, I just finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition! I did a fairly thorough and complete run at just under 35 hours (not including my hour on the character creation screen alone, ha! Despite Bioware’s claim of it being a 100 hour game.

The only way it could have been a 100 hour game is if I 1) turned on nightmare mode, 2) did every repetitive side quest (hello, collecting Shards, anyone? And 3) turned off subtitles and listened to all the dialogue instead. Overall, I’d say DA:I is a great game that will be very enjoyable for anyone who likes RPGs. That being said, here are the top 10 mods that we modding folks need to create, stat! I wish the combat system were less clunky and boring in DA:I.

Tactical view was so irritating for me that I never used it and just hacked and slashed my way through the whole game.

In fact, the only reason I ever turned on Tactical View was as a makeshift “flycam” to take screenshots. There should be a mod that expands the tactics that you and your companions can use automatically so that combat isn’t as tedious. What is with Bioware spending a bajillion development hours on a great game, great graphics, and great storyline, then only spending 20 minutes on some decent hairs? The first thing I’m going to do when I figure out how to mod DA:I is make some nice hair styles with textures that aren’t crazy shiny!

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I know, I love Dorian’s mustache, too! But isn’t anyone at all just a LITTLE BIT CURIOUS what he would look like without his curly upper lip caterpillar? (My theory is that he would look way less hot without his ‘stache, but I need to see it to confirm hehehe).

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Same as above – I just want to see it happen. It’s kind of like in Mass Effect where all I wanted was to see Tali out of her mask because the curiosity was killing me! Except, uh, now it’s the back of Leliana’s head I want to see. Ok, bear with me a moment here – (spoilers ahead) how awesome would a Varric mod be just to see the drama that ensues when his crossbow’s namesake Bianca comes into the picture?! (end spoilers) Anyway, yeah, so the potential romance arc with Varric could be very interesting!

I was in the military for several years, so I’ve actually been in this situation IRL before.

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If I’m going to a ball with fantastic, gorgeous dresses everywhere, as a female Inquisitor, I want a dress. I don’t want to wear the same thing as my male date, thanks very much. I want a bedazzled mask and a blingin’ ball gown that says, “I’m a lady a lady who is going to kick ass and take names. I’m a fan of removing all race/gender restrictions from romances in Bioware games.

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I don’t see anything wrong with guys being able to romance Cullen or girls being able to romance Dorian, particularly since mods only affect an individual player’s game and not everyone’s games. Oh, and it’s also imaginary, so everyone who makes a big stink about this mod (whether you’re a dudebro or a social justice warrior) can bugger off my blog, yeah? Make this happen, modders! Ok, did no one else notice that every time you killed an animal or demon, no matter what the size of the creature, the skeleton rib cage left behind was always the same?

Like, kill a nug, get a giant ribcage. Kill a giant, get a giant ribcage. It just didn’t make sense. I’d love to see some unique skeletons and skulls left behind! I kept running into the same problem of picking up cool unique weapons, leveling up past their usefulness, and not wanting to get rid of them because of their uniqueness. I wish there was an armory where I could display my favorite inventory items because it’s such a waste to sell or destroy the uniques!

Dragon Age: 10 Must-Have Mods for Inquisition

OMG, please just someone make an auto-loot mod. I can’t tell you how many times I picked up Elfroot over and over again and thought how tedious and annoying it was to not be able to grab everything in my vicinity at once.

This is my number one must have mod above all others! Anyway, those are the mods I would love to see happen. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to release a few mods myself! If any of my readers know any other game modders, pass this along I hope the DA:I modding community outgrows the Skyrim one someday! Got any mod ideas you want to share? If you enjoy my blog, please consider to help me maintain it!

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I got to see Dorian without his mustache several times due to the bugginess on my 360. Saw him with no stache, nose-stache, and with just part of his stache. Goes from Freddie Mercury to creep. Hahahahaha nose-stache sounds horrifying! Yeah, the game is so unplayable on 360.

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I upgraded to an xbox one this weekend just to play this dumb game in high quality graphics! Cant help it, but I read the whole note with the voice of Sera in my head.

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Anyway I dont really think we will be seeing mods for DA I. When I heard that there was a masquerade ball I was really looking forward to being able to dress up for it. I’d also like to see more variety in clothing in general (instead that gray pants and shirt combo that the Inquisitor always wears in Skyhold). Flashing search results so items blink when discovered. Ideally pink/purple not the yellow that blurs into the sand. Lots of custom armors and weapons. New Inventory UI that shows items as icons.

I would like a subtitle underneath the items to better show what they do. Removing of all combat rolls – its lightening fast and stupid, takes me right out of the lore.

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Right click to move, including pathing to move the player to a desired location. And most importantly, that blows all of this awayi mean Duhhhhh. At 35 hours I was still roaming every corner of the Hinterlands and in Haven. To each their own, but you must have missed so much of the game by rushing it like that. I’m at 50+ and I’m only just past Celene’s ball. There’s some worthless sidequests, sure – but there are some seemingly insignificant ones that are part of a larger, lore filled or powerup, quest. The shards spring immediately to mind here – you do get a significant defence boost from them – and I’ve not even opened the spirit chamber yet.

Yeah, I’m on my second playthrough now and hoping to be much more thorough:) I feel like I got through maybe 75% of the sidequests last time around so we’ll see about this one! I’m sure I missed stuff, but I got through the bulk of the sidequests. I just fast skip through the conversations and read the subtitles instead of listening, I think that’s why my playthrough is shorter. I havent had the chance to beat it yet.