Mutiny crack

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Jan 2017 - 16 min - Uploaded by REPACHINO VacationГруппа читеров://vk. The prime minister was informed "at the crack of dawn. The prime minister was informed "at the crack of dawn.

First trad climb (and lead) since before James was born (20 months).

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Last lead was an E1 and now HS/VS is about the limit. Well cool for a HS had a go in between plays on remergence. Not my usual style of climbing being a roof and a crack hearing it was jug hauling after the start I thought it was worth a shot. Got one jam in and it was a sinker. Not too hard but really cool, and some big jugs to hang off!

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Committing move on jams to gain the main wall, then lovely finish. Great lead again, don't remember the awkward start from last time. Soloed, led and seconded. Tough start but leads to some really fantastic climbing. Big balls on overhang moves. Happy to second this one!

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Matt's lead, starting raining as we flaked the rope and had to hoist Louisa past the starting moves! Fell off the start repeatedly. Beautiful jugs the rest of the way. Fell off first move after getting hands confused. Second attempt went clean.

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Max got slightly confused belaying with two ropes! Finally got round to doing this! First couple of moves definitely the hardest, pretty easy after that! Took a few silly falls getting through the initial roof. Eventually led it clean in the afternoon. Always seems harder than Pulcherrime. Felt like I hadn't done it before. IMO a 4c start if you rightly take your time to place protection from nasty fall. Made Chris lead this.

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Owen also seconded but didn't seem that keen on crack climbing. Love this climb and will never tire of it. Took ages with this.

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Took a bit of time to even get my feet off the floor as the initial crack was sopping wet. Lots of dodgy wet jamming and I just barely made it over the lip, where it gets a bit easier. Sinker gear in the climb and it's worth every star. VS 4c, though that might be the rain talking. Hard start but so well protected. Meaning to do this for ages, really nice route. Fell twice just before pulling over the initial roof.

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Lead - 14/Sep/14 with Mick. Second time I've done this-just as pumpy this time! Great climb, nice army holds. To remove a stuck torque nut. Definately hard for HS but excelent! A very exciting sequence over the first overhang but good jugs from then up. Some good jams scattered around too. I do not think there are many HS leaders who would get up this. Very strenuous but brilliant if youve got the guns! Fell off while standing up after the first jug as my belayer didn't give me enough slack, got back on it and got to about 2m from the top but had lost my nerve.

First route of the day, start felt nails.

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Guess there are some things climbing indoors can't train you for. Felt onsight, retro flash! Committing, exciting start, the rest juggy and satisfying.

Would like to have lead! Had to sit on my gear at the crux start on the first try, so lowered off and led it clean on the second attempt - no matter what the guidebook says there ARE grit VS routes which are much easier! Got lowered down and lead it clean. I thought this was VS when I led it 10 years ago, and still think it's VS now, with 10 years of VSs under my belt! Too windy and cold to finish lead.

Lovely short first climb! Took 2-3 attempts to get over the initial roof. Reasonably easy after that. Interesting start, then the rest is easy and juggy.

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Had to re-start the first move. Slipped off of the ledge by the crack whilst placing gear and broke my bloody ankle!


Start was the hardest bit. Backed off leading initially as was struggling and pumped. Sam lead after top roping to check route out. Top overhang surprisingly easy with massive jugs. My favourite HS so far, quite pleasant.

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Dave's foot slept and he fell off! Difficulties are short lived. First friend can be placed from the ground to protect overhang, good gear and good belays. Lost quite a bit of skin on the bottom moves which is/ are hard but very well protected. There was dried blood in the crack further up, expect to add to it if your jamming's poor (although it can be laybacked). Forgot how juggy the top half is. Third time I've done it and it's still enjoyable. Stunning route, good gear, great moves.

I'm in for a tough time elsewhere on grit. Almost didn't get off the ground - the start is much much harder if you're only 5ft 4! Found this much harder than the 5a route we did next. A major mission trying to remove a hex after Tom fell on it a few times. I feel that this is harder than the (few) VS's that I have climbed - although that may be because of my aversion to use jams.


Laughing all the way - 1st few moves are stunning (once sussed! Good to lead it again after so long. Final climb of the day, tricky start and didn't feel up for it, had a big beta from Spaz, awesome climb! Probably the hardest HS 4b I've climbed. The start is hard but not only that, not worth placing any gear until you've commited and got through the crux. Some exciting moves though.

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Did it on lead ages ago, but makes an excellent solo! Managed to avoid jamming in the first section to reach the awesome juggy finish. Why do I always forget to use the good hold on this? Did this route about 20 years ago when it was a VS and found it hard then. Maybe it is a HS because after getting over the first overhang it is quite easy but still found the first 10' nails! Lovely climb though, i'm sure it's one that i'll do again.

First climb of the trip, loved it.

Похожие песни Обзор Чита Для Csgo Mutiny Crack Mutinyчит Ксго:

Getting over the initial roof is a tad strenuous. Not really sure why this gets ***. The bloke before me told me more than 3 pieces of gear disqualified this route. Tough climb, well protected, final pull interesting! Tricky start to an awesome short climb. Simon tried to lead but gave up and I lead.